Italian Academy for Orchestral Conductors

The Italian Conducting Academy started in 2012 thanks to the happy encounter between the Milano Music Master Schoolthe “ClassicaViva Orchestra” and the Teacher Gilberto Serembe who, thanks to his very long teaching experience of this particular musical discipline has designed, supervised and managed the organization.

Theoretical and practical lessons are provided with the presence of the orchestra, articulated in various types of organics, from the String Orchestra to the Symphonic Orchestra. The peculiarity of this school is the constant employment of the orchestra and the absence of the rehearsals with the pianos.

At the end of the Three-Year High Training and the Two-Year Master Course the pupils can take a Diploma Exam and, on request, the opportunity to take another exam in collaboration with the ABRSM – The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music. The international vision and the possibility to achieve qualifications of the highest levels recognized around the world, already happily realised by other students, are structural elements which are characteristic of the Milano Music Master School