The Italian Conducting Academy offers these courses:




Musicians of all nationalities must meet the following requirements:

– maximum age for access to the Three-year High Training: 30 years by the 31st December 2023

– no age limit for access to the Annual Course and Two-Year Master Course

Admission is subject to passing a rehearsal with the orchestra and an interview with the Teacher. The pieces to be performed will be communicated after receipt of the application.

Next admissions with the orchestra will take place on SEPTEMBER 9th and 10th 2023

BRAHMS – Symphony no.2 in D major, op.73 – SCHUMANN – Symphony no.4 in D minor, op.120

Date, place and time of the admission exam will subsequently be confirmed to the admitted candidates.


At the Teacher’s discretion, Auditors are allowed (exclusively for orchestra rehearsals).

Organization of meetings

The lessons will be held during eight meetings from November 2023 to September 2024. Each session will take place over two or three days, depending on the number of students. The orchestra engaged for the lessons, will be organized by the Classica Viva Music Association with the highest criteria of professionalism and competence. The “Il Clavicembalo Verde” Association (Milano Music Master School) is entrusted with the logistics and organization of any events. The Teacher can avail himself of the collaboration of an Assistant. The number of days dedicated to orchestra rehearsals will be based on the number of registered students. The first theoretical lesson will take place on November 2023 (date to be confirmed)


In the application the candidate must expressly indicate which exam he wishes to attend. The application must be accompanied by the following documentation:

  1. Educational and artistic qualifications held
  2. Short biography (max 10 lines)
  3. Video link
  4. High resolution digital color photograph of the face (1200×1600)
  5. Identity Card or Passport
  6. Tax ID Code (for Italians) or VAT number for the invoice
  7. Scan of the PDF of the complete bank transfer, with the details of the payment and the name of the payer

Terms for registration

The downloadable application form must be received on-line at the following address by August 14th 2023:

Registration fee for the admission examAnnual registration and attendance fees.

By bank transfer the candidate must make the payment that will not be returned under any circumstances and that will allow to take the entrance examination. Should the candidate pass the admission examination he/she will have to pay the entire quotes within seven working days to be able to follow the Course. On the contrary, the committee will invite the successive candidate in the classification list created during the examination.

It should be noted that applicants from non-EU countries must be in compliance with the visa and the residence permit to cover the periods of attendance at the lessons.

For details on how to pay, see the page FEES AND PAYMENTS. The general calendar of the lessons will be subsequently communicated.  

By registering for the course and signing the regulation, the student undertakes to pay the full amount for the annual attendance even if he/she suspends participation in the course for any reason.

Annual Student Absences

The percentage of annual absences should not exceed 10% of the total days. Special exceptions will be considered by agreement with the Teacher and the Academy Management. The Teacher will not be required to repeat lessons not attended by students. Attendance during the Theory lessons preceding the orchestra rehearsals is mandatory and the absence can cause exclusion from the orchestra rehearsals.

Teacher’s Absences

Regarding the sudden absence of the Teacher (illness or other valid motivation) the lessons will be postponed at a time chosen according to the students and the availability of the orchestra and may possibly be held by an Assistant.


At the end of each academic year, during the last lesson with the orchestra, an internal audit will determine the transition to the following Course or the admission to the Diploma Examination. The candidates not admitted to the Diploma Examination can only obtain an attendance certificate.

All information and procedures for the ABRSM exam registration will be communicated later to the concerned candidates in accordance with ABRSM Regulations.

Diploma Examination

Admission to the final exam will be subject to the overall frequency of the three-year or two-year period and must not be less than 80% of the lessons attended. The admitted student must submit an application according to the procedures that will be communicated and make the payment required for the Diploma. The Diploma can also be held in the form of a public concert and the date will be set by the Milan Music Master School Management during a period that may be later than the end of the academic and solar year.

Acceptance of Regulation

With his/her signature the student agrees to unreservedly accept the Regulation of the Italian Conducting Academy.

Behavioural guidelines

Any behaviour contrary to good relations with classmates or that disturbs the normal course of lessons, as well as not being polite, may be cause for expulsion from the Academy at the sole discretion of the Teacher. In this case, the student will not be entitled to the total or partial refund of all the fees paid.


The Italian text shall prevail for any dispute. Any lawsuit will fall under the jurisdiction of the Law Courts of Milano. The ICA management reserves the right to make changes to the regulation and the calendar due to emergencies, such as: natural disasters, wars, epidemics or other critical situations that involve restrictions on the movement and transport of things and people.


(Handwritten forms are not accepted)